Are you an executive of a pharmaceutical company in mid-town Manhattan? Are you looking for an executive strategist and coaching to provide you with actionable insights, to help uncover your business greatness? If you are feeling stuck in your business and looking to decrease distractions and take your business to the next level

We Are Here To Help!

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My name is Simone Sloan and I am an executive strategist and business coach for pharmacies and pharmaceutical businesses. I came from the corporate business environment, with advanced degrees, and International Coaching Federation certification. I have over 20 year experience working in business communications and marketing, training technical teams, sales people, and executives.

What does an Executive Strategist do?

NYC is a very competitive area, we coach entrepreneurs to navigate the roadblocks hindering their growth through a 360-business assessment and actionable insights that drive success. We work with you as a team, to help define your goals, align the objectives, and provide support as you drive toward execution. We focus on marketing, sales, communication strategy, and overall business growth. We help in identifying the power leaks in your business and creating strong foundation from which you can grow.

If you are an owner or an executive of a pharmaceutical business in mid-town Manhattan working to obtain funding, creating a business plan is essential!
We have an experienced team that can help you create the best business plan and business strategy, and help you improve the way your business and brand are presented.

Executive Coaching

We are DISC and EQ 2.0 certified. With these specialized skills we create assessments that help uncover your blind spots and how they may be impacting your performance. We help optimize your confidence so that you become more effective in all aspects of your career.

Why Should You Consider a Strategic Consultant?

A strategic consultant provides management consulting to help pharmaceutical businesses improve performance and efficiency. We analyze pharmacies and create solutions while also helping meet their goals. First, our main goal is to learn about your business. We learn as much as possible about your business, by meeting with employees, analyzing the finances and reading all business materials. The next step is to identify what changes are needed by identifying pharmacies’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as current and any possible foreseeable problems. Most importantly, we will identify opportunities to grow your business, boost efficiency, and increase profits. Additionally, we develop a solution to problems and plans on capitalizing on opportunities.

Clients We Serve

We are based in the Greater New York area. We serve clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. We work with clients nationally within the contiguous 50 states and internationally in the Caribbean and in Europe. We offer services on client sites and technology-enabled virtual training and coaching programs.