Executive Coaching

We believe that by elevating awareness and leading with empathy, you can pivot and become a more confident, effective leader. Our focus is on emotional intelligence, cultural competencies, and inclusive leadership. We help humanize organizations so they can realize optimal results.

Sometimes even experienced business leaders need to get back to basics. That’s exactly what we do with our process, which is tailored to the needs of your business and your career goals. We work with small and mid-sized business leaders to provide the right framework for success. If you operate in a matrixed environment and need to increase your influence, find your voice, and manage across the organization, we can help.

Your Choice Coach also believes that emotional intelligence creates better people managers. We help executives and managers to lead with authenticity and transparency, fostering a work environment where ideas are valued, and trust is established while working to ensure leaders become aware and address their unconscious and unchecked biases.

We help you focus on innovative ways to improve your management skills, changing your mindset so that engagement and productivity increase in your workplace. This will enhance your career growth and ensure you’re building the right reputation.

We work with business leaders within a wide range of industries, including advertising, education, healthcare, nonprofit, and many more. As your executive coach, we help you uncover your blind spots and reveal how they’re impacting your business performance.

We also help you build your personal brand, improve presentation and pitch skills, and develop a successful and consistent communication strategy.

“Your Choice Coach and Simone Sloan took the time to understand me and the challenges as I was facing in my career. Through strategic coaching and a concrete action plan, I remodeled my communication style and my approach to professional situations. Simone helped me unlock new opportunities, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and increase my confidence as a manager.”

- Banking Manager

Our coaching session was very productive for me!  The coaching provided gave me a foundation; a scaffolding of ideas/ actions  in making progress towards my  career growth. I also appreciated that you brought up the  “what by when.”  This keeps me focused since I put a time line on my actions. I am happy to follow up with you regarding the outcome of  putting the ideas we discussed in motion!!! Thank you so much again for the coaching session !! I so appreciated it!!!

- Pharmaceutical professional
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Case Studies

The Need

After being passed over for a number of promotions, the client, a manager in the banking industry, couldn’t understand why the company had pigeonholed them in their current role. The client’s limited visibility left them unable to showcase their abilities across the organization. The client wished to both advance their career and be valued and respected for their work and their contributions.

The Results

In order to achieve the client’s objective, Your Choice Coach conducted both a self-assessment and a 360-degree assessment to gain a deeper understanding of their personal brand and of how they were seen by their colleagues.

This deeper understanding formed the base to co-design an action plan. Addressing the gaps between their self-assessment and the 360-degree assessment was essential in helping this banking professional transition to a new role, broadening their visibility across the organization. For this reason, a strategic, stakeholder management plan was created and executed.

One of the main areas of concern was the manager’s communication style. By examining the client’s written, verbal, and nonverbal communication, Your Choice Coach was able to outline areas for improvement. The manager’s improved approach to communicating with team members increased their confidence and expanded their means of self-expression. This, in turn, strengthened the manager’s interpersonal relationships across the organization, creating broader support at various levels within the organization.

The Need

Due to its rapid growth and strong performance, the pharmaceutical company needed to ensure its continued success by promoting promising individuals. Consequently, the client, a medical affairs manager, was promoted to head a team where they began managing their former peers. Although the recently promoted manager was a star performer, their poor communication skills and non-inclusive behaviors led to a disengaged team.

The manager was excited at the prospect of moving up to a managerial position and needed additional support dealing with the accompanying challenges and responsibilities. They wanted to both earn their colleagues’ respect across the organization and change their personal brand.

After receiving unfavorable feedback from the team, the company wanted to proactively address the manager’s negative behaviors to avoid a toxic work environment.

The Results

To address the various challenges, Your Choice Coach worked closely with the manager to outline an action plan for change. The first step was to utilize a research-based EQI 360° assessment and to obtain feedback from colleagues to increase awareness of the manager’s gaps, strengths, and areas to improve.

The results of the EQI assessment enabled the manager to gain clarity and an increased understanding of their gaps. The manager’s communication style was modified to be more inclusive and to incorporate greater respect, regard, and empathy for others. The manager developed the ability to actively listen and to frequently engage direct reports.

As a result of coaching from Your Choice Coach, an action plan was created, and the manager learned how to create a safe environment for others to share their opinions comfortably and engage in healthy debates as part of the team’s decision-making process.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting

We believe empathy is no longer optional for today’s leaders. We help you focus on equity, inclusion, and diversity so that your company is on the path to sustainable success — one that is supported and guided by a more inclusive mindset.

Training, Workshops, and Strategy:
We engage clients in diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) improvement through training, workshops, and strategy assessments that help your team increase awareness and incorporate empathy into their work. We create surveys and engage your organization in focus groups and interviews so you can understand your culture gradient and create a DEI strategic roadmap to lay the foundational elements to create a culture of inclusion.

Inclusive Communication and Marketing:
Ensure your marketing intentions have the desired impact with your audience. Your Choice Coach acts as your diversity and inclusion consultant. We evaluate your marketing campaigns and assess how implicit bias may be inadvertently impacting your messaging. We act as your inclusive culture eye, aligning teams’ messaging and other marketing elements to your audience.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching:

We also help you build a more inclusive company culture, which has a major impact on team performance and satisfaction as well as the ability to achieve desired business results. We believe that emotional intelligence allows leaders to be better equipped to manage diverse teams. Understand the power of your diversity story and the challenges of inclusion by exploring your explicit and implicit bias, then define desired behaviors to build stronger teams through TCC™ .

Your Choice Coach helps humanize your company to realize results.

“The equity, diversity, and inclusion panel discussion that Your Choice Coach facilitated was one of the best company events I have attended. Simone provided great input and insights throughout the entire facilitation process. Her ability and expertise in carrying this panel through, from start to finish, was clear. Simone’s partnership, from architecting to execution, was invaluable.”
- HR, Engineering Firm

Our coaching session was very productive for me!  The coaching provided gave me a foundation; a scaffolding of ideas/ actions  in making progress towards my  career growth. I also appreciated that you brought up the  “what by when.”  This keeps me focused since I put a time line on my actions. I am happy to follow up with you regarding the outcome of  putting the ideas we discussed in motion!!! Thank you so much again for the coaching session !! I so appreciated it!!!

- Pharmaceutical professional

Truly grateful for the opportunity to share and be open to my concerns.  The feedback received was very insightful, mind blowing, and truly helpful. It was a great discussion bringing relevant insights from a DEI perspective.

Marketing Manager, Pharmaceutical company

“It is great to learn more about DEI and think about it from the perspective of change. During the session, I learned something new about myself and how to handle difficult DEI conversations. You really took an important, sometimes complicated topic and made it easier to understand. It was also interesting how you were able to capture the intersection and connected nature of effective change management and DEI. I enjoyed platforms offered including video, polls, and conversation style to keep the session engaging. Overall, the session was a great eye opener for me. It brought me greater awareness of where I am in my DEI journey. This will allow me to be more effective by focusing and improving on weaknesses or shortcomings.”

- ACMP 2023 Conference

Case Studies

The Need

The company wanted to take a proactive approach to addressing their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey. They conducted a DEI survey but did not have the internal resources to interpret and analyze the collected data. With distributed teams working in different regions, they sought the best approach to align their diversity and inclusion purpose and strategy.

Your Choice Coach helped them to uncover hidden gaps across their culture. We conducted focus groups and interviews across the organization. We interpreted the data and identified themes that provided guideposts pointing to the appropriate direction. We met with senior leaders to help key stakeholders make the case to obtain resources necessary to support the roadmap.

The Results

A process was created to develop a roadmap that prioritized activities and resources. A DEI learning journey was designed with key topics to address the learning gaps identified. Metrics were identified to keep the organization accountable. DEI council developed a sustained momentum to keep employees engaged and aligned with the strategy.

The Need

A global media company saw the need for increased diversity but wasn’t sure where to start. They also recognized the value of a roadmap to help them outline their journey and align the execution, communication, and priorities across the organization. They called Your Choice Coach to be their diversity, equity, and inclusion partner.

Our Approach

Our first objective was to establish a current understanding of the company’s culture and appetite for equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) change. To facilitate this process, we helped the company identify key groups whose lived experiences needed to be heard company wide. We helped the company develop and understand their EDI survey.

The next objective was communicating the company’s EDI story. We believe in “HOT” communications. These are honest, open, and transparent communications that are shared across an organization. The process that we co-created with the media company allowed them to reflect on their gaps, gain an increased understanding of the work ahead, and find a way to produce the courageous communications needed. This laid a foundation for the work necessary to realize the journey.

The Results

EDI is not a one-person job. The media company identified short- and long-term wins that touched all functional groups. They created a council to help keep their plan alive across the organization. A learning journey was designed with their learning and development team. The senior leaders understood their roles and the responsibilities associated with the company’s EDI journey.

Business Coaching

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and small business owners…

  • You feel stuck or have road blocks hampering your business performance
  • You want to focus on priorities and decrease distractions
  • You want to take your business to the next level

Your Choice Coach identifies power leaks in your small business and within your teams. We partner with you to co-create strategies and close the cracks that we identify through a gap analysis. This way, we discover new opportunities for training and development.

We focus on all aspects of your business, including refining communication style, creating accountability to help you focus, and developing consistent branding so your company continues to grow.

Using a 360-degree business assessment, we investigate the roadblocks impeding growth and success. We help you define business goals and align your teams around execution of those goals.

Start seeing better business outcomes by focusing on the areas of your business that are blocked or stalled.

How we help you:

  • Keep you focused
  • Keep you accountable to take action
  • Gain clarity to optimize your strategies
  • Remove roadblocks to move your business forward
  • Get real business results

“Working with Your Choice Coach gave me a lot more confidence to take on the challenges of owning and operating a new start-up business. Simone is very dedicated and gifted. She has a way of pulling out your thoughts and making them a reality. I loved every second working with her.”

- Entrepreneur

“I came to  Your Choice Coach to help me create a digital brand and an updated resume.  I worked with Simone closely. She was deeply involved in the process of guiding me through the creation of my digital brand. She was attentive, responsive, and she pushed back on my archaic ways of thinking when necessary.  Each session came with a well thought out high-level agenda, ensuring productive sessions that made full use of our time working together.  It was a very effective coaching relationship and I plan to engage Simone again in the future.”

- Higher Education Professional

“I want to say THANK YOU for our last session.  My business partner and I  have good ideas and you helped us narrow down our focus.  You helped us better define our monetary goals, identify the products for the launch,  synthesize our  unique selling proposition, and helped us get ready to develop our business plan.”

- Entrepreneur

“Simone, at Your Choice Coach, your guidance and assistance have been invaluable throughout this process. I’m feeling much more confident about the direction I am taking my business. I’ve incorporated all the suggestions you provided, including those related to financial projections, marketing plan improvements, and the streamlining of staffing procedures. My business plan is now more comprehensive and well-rounded. Your expertise has been instrumental in shaping the future of my company, and I genuinely appreciate your support.”

- Entrepreneur
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Over the years, our strategists have hosted many events, moderated many panels, and opened the door to transformative discussions that move the ball forward for our clients. We aim to entertain and inspire by bringing unique, smart, and powerful flair to any event. We’re not afraid to ask hard questions that get experts and attendees to open up and be more authentic.

We have presented workshops across the country and abroad in three key focus areas:

  • Leadership and professional development
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion topics
  • Business and marketing strategies

Your Choice Coach creatively presents trainings to encourage team building and purpose. We structure group trainings to produce results for your team, and we stick with your agenda. We’re all about creating safe places where people can learn, share insights and ideas, without feeling judged. Our experiential, interactive, and engaging sessions will leave your teams wanting more!

“In today’s session, Your Choice Coach hit on common threads for inclusion and employee engagement. They provided an understandable and crisp perspective.  Bottom line, employees, including myself, have to learn that everything’s connected; engagement, biases, productivity, synergy, and trust.  We are all in this together!  And I know recognition is key. I liked the takeaways that we can apply right away, later today. Because it seems everybody, all generations, not only millennials but also Boomers  like that type of instant gratification. I liked their mention of recognition, because  it’s one of  the drivers of Employee Engagement.”


ForumWithin transforms cultures by creating a structured and nurturing environment where people learn more about themselves and each other. When forums are designed and implemented well, a company’s culture will become more attractive and collaborative. New relationships and a new culture are formed when groups of 8-10 employees gather in a proven meeting format and protocol.

Learn More »

“[At a recent entrepreneurship event], Simone did a superb job of canvassing the audience on their most critical challenges. She then asked each panelist specific and probing questions to ensure the audience received great value from the discussion. The reviews of that session were off the charts! Attendees were exceptionally engaged and left with immediate strategies they can apply to their businesses.”

- Business Advisor
“Optimizing your Self-awareness Workshop 9 out of 10 participants who took this workshop agreed or strongly agreed that they enjoyed the introspective experience of exploring themselves, the value of their emotions, and how to more fully appreciate themselves and those they work with. They appreciated the tools shared for immediate applications to help them continue to improve their overall effectiveness.”

Keynote Speaker

Simone and the Your Choice Coach team are experienced public speakers who will inspire and transform your organization or event. Our keynote and panel speaking engagements are tailored to your specific audience and priorities so we can provide the most valuable insights possible.

We incite audience members to think in new ways and take on new perspectives. We offer innovative tips so your business can scale to the next level.

“Simone Sloan is an energetic and thought-provoking speaker who is able to command a room and engage her audience while making you feel as if she is only talking to you. She teaches and inspires while entertaining you so you don’t even realize you’re getting impactful information. If you want a speaker who can provide insights to help you think out of the box, Simone is the speaker for you!”
- Talk Radio Executive

“Simone, the Emotional Intelligence presentation was such a great session!  It was impactful and caused me to pause and reflect.  The participants enjoyed it and received valuable feedback to utilize and practice in their organization and for further self-assessment.”

- Professional Association

“Simone’s presentation on Self-awareness was thought provoking. Concepts presented were highly relevant and resonated with the group. Several of our clients found it very impactful. There was a lot of note taking and follow-up discussions that I know the team will reflect on and benefit from.”

- Professional Association
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Values and Culture Assessment

Building your optimal culture begins with understanding the values that inspire it.






Culture is generated
from the top team and it is “how things get done around here.” It empowers your Why (purpose and vision) and What (strategy, mission, and goals)

  • It engages the best in people
  • It is the “how” behind the strategy
  • It is what sets the standard for inclusive and performance driven behaviours
  • Proven Results
  • Customized Offerings
  • Actionable Insights
  • Experienced Guidance
  • Understand what motivates your team
  • Diagnose what is working and not working
  • Discover a clear path forward to nurture an inclusive and performance driven team

Contact us to make the intangible, tangible and set your organization apart from the rest.