your choice coach logo It’s a given that the business environment is dynamic and constantly changing. Whether you work for a business, own a business, or are looking to become a business owner, you need to stay on top of that environment. Your Business Greatness is a quick, engaging 30-minute information update filled with hot nuggets to help you better understand your challenges, along with trends in the marketplace, workplace, and workforce that are critical for your success. Live monthly content touches all aspects of your business, from identifying your company values, to mastering soft skills like negotiations, to emerging technologies that can impact the way you conduct business today and tomorrow.

Our dynamic host is Simone Sloan, a business and executive coach who works with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. She brings energy and passion to deliver quality shows each month to inspire her audience.

Our Community:

Each month Your Business Greatness webinar shares a wealth of tidbits for your business and profession. All are welcome to join, learn, and hear different perspectives and business approaches. You have the ability to ask questions and get timely feedback. We start promptly to respect your time and to ensure you get all the information you need. At the end of our webinar, our presenters offer specials or giveaways to provide additional support as you progress in your business journey.

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About Our Speakers:

Our speakers are experts in their fields. They bring their knowledge and skills each month to help other business professionals grow. Speakers are selected based upon the unique aspect of their business, skill, and client service.

We have had block chain experts, financial advisors, health coaches, PR firms, marketing specialists, legal experts, accountants, human resources experts, and cannabis enthusiasts share their expertise and passion with our community.

During our PR and marketing segments, experts helped us understand the difference between marketing, advertising, and branding. One presenter evaluated the role thought leadership plays in your marketing mix to be effective, presented tips to break through the noise and be heard, and taught us how to avoid common marketing traps.

Our health and wellness series had experts who discussed our chakras, stress management tips, and energy we put out in the world to attract our TRIBE. This series pulled together the key drivers to maintain thriving and healthy business relationships.

Our financial segments broke down jargon, from life insurance to succession planning, so that it was easy to digest. We skipped the jargon and buzzwords, and just had a plain conversation to help our audience navigate ways to protect their assets and leave the webinar with actionable next steps.

Our technology segment not only addressed cybersecurity trends and actions to mitigate risks, but also helped the audience understand the current legal landscape in which we operate.

A Venture Capital segment shared the mindset of VCs. Our expert walked us through a desired pitch deck, appropriate actions for follow-up, and showed us how to get investors’ attention in a sea of noise.

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I appreciate and respect how hard and well you work to provide meaningful and timely programs.”

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“Fantastic webinar!”

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