Embed a Systematic Approach to Learn About Differences

Building a DEI culture takes time; it has to be intentional and consistent and employing a systematic approach will help the culture strengthen.

One approach that can be leveraged to create a DEI workplace culture is through spaces to learn. Such intentional space creation hones in on DEI learning objectives for the team or organization to make them more meaningful and relevant to the business.

Use calendar events to highlight diversity celebrations. Creating your learning spaces through calendar events ensures they are top of mind. Make them engaging by bringing people together and having conversations about the events.

Learning about others creates a deeper understanding and appreciation of their differences and it supports a feeling of belonging across the organization.

Simone Sloan, Executive Strategist at Your Choice Coach

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In an often-cited study, McKinsey found that more diverse leadership teams are 25 percent more profitable than companies that don’t prioritize diversity. Meanwhile, HR expert Josh Bersin has found that companies promoting DEI initiatives increase employee engagement 2.6 times while improving retention. And, according to a recent Boston College study, 99 percent of Gen Z respondents said that …

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In 2023, companies need to understand why #DEI matters and what actions they can take to build a #diverse, #equitable, and #inclusive culture that will last.…