Focus, Plan, & Execute.

What actions and behaviours will you do differently to achieve your goals?

Staying focused on your personal and professional goals can be challenging. A goal without a well-thought-out plan lacks true intention and purpose. Having clear goals and objectives that are written out and visible daily can support your efforts to stay focused on tasks needed to move forward and also help hold you accountable to your actions. In case you need more advice to keep moving, here are 3 tips to stay focused to get results:

1. Get Clear on Your Vision

Have you set aside time to think about your professional or personal vision? If you’re working towards financial wellness, a healthy lifestyle, or world travel, create goals and objectives with that vision in mind. After all, no vision means no action, which means no results

Create a list of activities that will support your vision. This should include related projects/tasks, phone calls, e-mails, and networking activities.

Check-in with yourself at the end of each week to determine what’s working and what’s not. This is a great gut check on your integrity and will help align your thoughts with actions.

2. Act with Purpose and Set Your Intentions

I love structure and organization. However, I know that may not work for some. Find your flow and groove. How do you plan out your days and weeks to propel your life forward? If you’re planning on the fly, chances are you may be spending precious time planning rather than using it more productively, like connecting with others, attending network events, or managing your well-being.

Even when you’re “busy,” are your actions aligned with your purpose and intention for the life you want? Wasted time plus wasted energy equals wasted efforts.

3. Avoid New Shinny Things

New, shiny things may be cool, but do they support your vision for your well-being, professional career, and relationships? They can be a distraction and time gremlins. Before you commit yourself to something new, look back at your list of 2 activities and personal or professional goals and objectives and then do a gut check to determine whether it will move you forward. If it supports your goals, then go for it. But if it doesn’t, avoid at all costs.

Aligning your goals and objectives with your professional and personal vision, getting a jumpstart on your daily plan of action, and conducting constant gut checks are the first steps toward moving your life forward. If you find it challenging to accomplish any of these things, or you just feel stuck for any reason, seeking additional support can help you stay on track and achieve the success you deserve.