Experienced professionals and entrepreneurs are essential for business growth. These seasoned veterans can help you. They can teach additional skills to take your business to the next level or perhaps even fund a venture. Who says that people who are older tend to be risk averse, unwilling to step out of their comfort zone to try something new, or are just tired? Well, the number of entrepreneurs who are 35 years or older is growing. We live in a multi-generational workforce, so, it makes sense that our entrepreneurs are also multi-generational.

As an Executive Strategist and Coach, I worked with an entrepreneur who had a long corporate career. He believed that his career would have continued for another five years. When his company ultimately decided to lay him off, he gladly took the package they offered and used the money to fund his next venture. He created a company that leveraged his technology background to produce a product that he recognized was missing in his industry. I helped him to define his value proposition, effectively pitch his idea, and establish his branding. Today, he is successfully marketing himself, his product, and networking to build his circle of influence and client prospects.

A successful entrepreneur is curious, asks many questions, and is constantly learning. As an entrepreneur, you embrace change, view challenges as opportunities, and continually test, pivot, and test again. It is essential to be open so that you can leverage skill sets from diverse groups, look across industries for best practices, and think outside of the box.

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you choose entrepreneurship or are thrown into it via downsizing, it is a roller coaster that requires discipline, consistency, persistence, and focus. Engaging and learning from entrepreneurs at all stages is necessary. As a community, we can and should support them and help them thrive.