Who says there is only one way to achieve success? Life is like a jungle gym, it is filled with twists, and turns, with no clear path. How pharmacists adjust to those twists, and turns is a test of resilience, and sheer will. In today’s dynamic market environment, phamacists must create their own paths. Here are 3 ways pharmacists can break out of their comfort zone, and blaze a trail to create greatness:

Broaden a Skillset

Pharmacists should update their skill sets, and not wait for a company to tell them what is needed. Individuals must figure out what their professional needs are to stay relevant, and thrive; take the time to find out what customers like, dislike, and why; and turn off the automatic pilot. They should stop doing only what they think people expect, and start taking inventory of projects on which they worked over the past year.

Pharmacists should ask these questions: what did I gain? What new business relationships did I cultivate? If you did not move the needle in either area, this may be a wake-up call to develop a list of skills, people, or interests to explore. This becomes the roadmap to stretch capabilities. Be proactive. Each quarter, pharmacists should check-in with themselves to evaluate personal strengths, and areas to develop. Keep moving forward, blazing a trail.


Pharmacists need to create the time to network. They will be surprised what type of ‘best practices’ can be learned from industries that are different from what they are accustomed. People have stories and are very happy to share them. Actively ask what worked or did not work for them, both professionally and personally. Why reinvent the wheel? Start compiling a list of ‘best practices’ that can be tested, pivoted, and tested again. Those who are introverted, and more inclined to hang out with themselves, will not be served be that strategy. They will need a village to support them. Pharmacists can start by creating a circle of people who can be supportive in their career journeys, and let people get to know them, as well as their abilities.

Identify and Leverage Your Strengths

Pharmacists should make a list of strengths, starting by looking back on what people have said about htem in past reviews. They can think about what they were able to accomplish with ease, and what will help them stand out. Once they have identified their strengths, pharmacists should take inventory of what areas of the business about which they have been curious, and take on projects that stretch them; seek, and ask for opportunities to get involved; work across business lines, cultivating, and strengthening relationships; and look outside of their companies and areas of expertise. Community groups should be considered for opportunities in which they can grow.

Overall, pharmacists should take charge. All of this certainly takes work, but it is an investment. It is by being creative, proactive, and forward-thinking. In doing so, they will be able to blaze their own trails to greatness.