As a senior executive in the tech industry, and a Founder & CEO Elevate 360 LLC, I had the privilege of working with the amazing CEO of Your Choice Coach, Simone Sloan. Simone possesses wealth of knowledge in the DEI space and fosters the ability to quickly understand a company’s culture to deliver specific, tailored and required information to bring cultural growth.

In my time of partnering with Simone on several executive and organizational level inclusion initiatives, she has been nothing short of authentically genuine and spectacular. Simone ensures that whatever the ask of the organization, it structurally aligns to that of the needs for its people and the business. Her passion towards people, their confidentiality and having their voices heard was evident when we work together on an initiative I launched called “Elevating Purposeful Inclusive Cultures.”

During an all-companywide training, Simone helped our organization to build trust amongst each other at all levels as she led the entire organization of over 200 + employees globally. She was skilled at engaging all levels to openly speak with each other on current times of trauma and pain people were experiencing while helping all identities listen with respect and empathy.

The call was set for 90 minutes but the conversation was so engaging that the entire organization (including the CEO) stayed on for an additional 30 mins to complete the discussion.

To all organizations, executives, leaders etc… If you are considering working with Simone Sloan and her team on delivering training experiences or specific DEI organizational initiatives. I highly recommend you to just do it. Your organization, team and you will be better for it.