Trusting the Power of YOU, is a dynamic workshop that Simone Sloan and Minna Taylor, created to address leadership, communication, and being in relationship as building blocks to trust and power.

Seminar with Simone in BerlinLeadership, communication, and being in relationship are key to Trust and Power. These concepts were explored through experiential training methods to accomplish the following:

  • Create shared vocabulary for change – trust, power, success, value, confidence, fear, love, or ambition.
  • Define limitation of power – what are moments where you felt powerless, when are moments that you sought to undermine someone else’s power, and identifying the motivator behind each.
  • Explore the nature of presence, listening, and authentic expression – how do you “show up” as an individual, a leader, and a change maker?
  • Explore the social relationship of how we perceive and interact with power – how do you react when confronted with someone attempting to undermine your power and how do you relate to someone you perceive holds greater power than you?
  • Instill the notion of compassion in power and how power truly becomes powerful.


Key Takeaways from Our  Workshop:


Experiential methods with reflection incites curiosity

  • Should I participate or watch? One of our primary goals in utilizing experiential training methods was to incite curiosity through play and invite further conversation through practical reflection of the exercises.

Leaders come together and are able to become vulnerable and open

  • The workshop brought together a group of leaders from various walks of life to engage in conversation and to explore their vulnerability. Through this conversation and experiential techniques, commonalities were identified such as values, feelings, and thoughts amongst the group.

Environment free of judgement causes a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Once safety was established within the room and each other, trust within themselves expanded, participants were emboldened to allow trust of others, fear was alleviated, and ownership of personal power was transformed through ease, laughter, and energy vibrations emanating within the room.

Joy in celebrating power mine and others

  • As the group experienced the joy in celebrating power of others and activating their own personal power, the energy and excitement of the room doubled. Feedback received after the workshop was that participants felt “energized, liberated, & I really liked the ebb and flow of the workshop.”