Launching a business is a huge accomplishment that comes with lots of highs and lows.  Before you launch your business, have a plan.  Think about your marketing, sales, communication, competition, price, your brand, & budget/funding.

Whether you are working with a partner or you are a solopreneur, surround yourself with people who are capable of supporting you on your journey.   There is no formula in choosing the “right team.”  Right Team can depend upon your skill set, business needs, budget, personality etc.  Consider creating a “team” that will complement your skills, understands your vision, and is willing to provide honest feedback whether good, bad, and yes the ugly.   Take the time to look at your business needs given stage of development and seek out people who can add value.

You have your plan, have mentors and coaches to support you, and an awesome product/service, but how will you get the message out?  The tactics you use to market your product/services will depend upon your marketing strategy, communication, customer segment. Your budget will also drive the tactics that you use whether gorilla style or very targeted.

But don’t forget your story.  Your story should be meaningful, honest, and authentic so that it gives your business personality and drives an emotional connection with your consumers.

You have your story, but where are your customers?   You really want to be where they eat, breathe, and sleep.   Develop a message and value prop that will motivate your peeps and will get them to act. Here is where you test, change, and test the market again to see what works and what is not working.  Your value prop should tell why your product/service is special, unique, & appealing and it should be compelling to draw the customers and have them release their dollar to you.

Once you have that customer, you want to keep them!  In today’s age, people want information, products/services fast and instantaneously. It becomes essential that at every stage of the customer experience, it is pleasant, they are engaged, and you are connected to them.

The bottom line, be open, flexible, authentic and enjoy the journey!